Dog Behaviour

Everything seems to indicate that the dog was domesticated about 20,000 years ago, long before the cat.

In old times the dog was considered a working instrument more adequate for guarding and hunting. Now the owner looks for a balance between the dog’s needs and his own, trying to satisfy them without having to live for the dog.

It is undeniable that the presence of the owner determines the way that the puppy will discover the world.

Knowing the stages of growth, the owner will be able to treat the needs of the puppy creating a perfectly balanced relationship.

The study of the behaviour of animals is a very useful discipline for investigators.  Some studies are cantered in animal societies and others in the relationship between animals and humans.

In our case, understanding the behaviour of the puppy allows us to foresee and prevent any trauma that can lead the owner to abandon the dog.

The role of the breeders is essential in the phase that precedes the arrival of the owner at home.

The behavioural alterations normally begin with problems in the growth of the puppy or bad education; in both aspects the owner has the possibility of changing the outcomes.

This way the future owner of a dog will be aware of the importance in the conditions of the puppy’s growth.  The owner cannot help out in all the stages of the animal’s maturity, even though if he knows the phases in the discovering of the outer world through which the puppy goes through he will be able to understand and interpret the dog’s behaviour. This will allow the owner to react the right way depending on the dog’s behaviour, for example if the owner sees that the dog chews on everything it finds, and does not pretend that the animal learns orders that it does not understand yet. He will also know what it will expect from him.

On the other hand, the reader will learn aspects about dogs, such as sensory and nervous development that he didn’t even think existed. This book will describe everything that concerns the puppy with the purpose of taking part in the development of the animal to achieve a level of social adaptation which is satisfactory and allows the dog to develop correctly and turn into a happy and balanced dog.

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