Dog Training

The reasoning behind this site is quite simple. In our view, dogs have become part of the nation’s unemployed population. The functions they have been bred for remain in their genes — Sheepdogs, having a paucity of flocks to tend, nip at children’s overalls and chase after cars. Many a Shepherd, Doberman, or Rottweiler will plant himself between his owner and an awaited foe, or charge furiously at the door when a stranger approaches. Retrievers become electrified at the sight of game, Terries still tend to chase squirrels, and Pointers still point, even before they’re out of diapers. But most dogs have become indulged pets, a fine beginning, but nothing more. They are bored, sometimes to the point where they get destructive or lick away endlessly at their own paws in sheer frustration. Their fine minds, still largely a mystery to us, go unused. Or they begin their education with obedience work and never go on to graduate school.

Dogs need something to do. They want to feel useful. They love to work for praise and to feel accomplished. Sitting around and decorating the hearth isn’t quite enough. Tricks can be a useful and entertaining addition to your dog’s education. They will satisfy his yearnings for attention and intellectual achievement. They will allow him to be of real service to you and will help him to satisfy his unspoken longing to work. If you don’t have a flock of sheep or acres full of rodents, if you don’t ride to the hounds or have an estate or barge to be guarded, if you love your dog and he has little or nothing to do, this site is for you. Don’t take our word for it. Just ask your dog.

But you’re busy, and why should you put all this work into a pet? We know that you need some gratification, too. First you will see marvellous changes in the dog you love.

Use a good Dog Training Collar

He will get brighter, more interesting, he will shine with intelligence. You will learn how to communicate with him on a finer and higher level — and he will learn to listen and to communicate with you. You, not only he, will get attention and praise. Inside you, there’s a ham waiting to break into show business. With your trick dog as a sidekick, you can do it. You can entertain in your living room or on the stage. How far you take it is entirely up to you. So don’t let your sleeping dog lie — wake him up and teach him some tricks!

If you love the idea of higher education for your dog, he will need a grounding in obedience work — work he needs anyway to be a good member of your household. He’ll need to learn the commands HEEL, SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, and OKAY, preferably both on and off a leash. These basic commands are not included in this trick site. After basic training, you can begin trick work and make him a comedian, a helper, a playmate for your kids. He can save you time, earn you money, protect your home, and even save your life. He can learn to walk on two feet, front or back, and take breathtaking jumps and land on his feet. He can give you his paw. He can give you a good laugh. He can give you more pleasure than ever before and have a whale of a good time doing it.

Nobody expects you to become an expert overnight and there are plenty of techniques out there to read about, you don’t have to spend a fortune on dog training books either.  Online tutorials and dog classes are also a great place to start if you are thinking about training your dog.

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