How to Establish a Toilet Area

How to establish a regular toilet area when house-training your puppy. By setting up a regular routine of potty breaks, your puppy will soon be on its way to independence without having to use your carpet as a waste area.  However, before the dog is house-broken, you must repeat the following simple yet repetitive process of establishing the training toilet area with your pup.

  1. Try to pick a spot that is outside and within a straight line from the house. When it comes time to go to the bathroom, either carry him or walk him with a leash to the toilet spot.
  2. Making sure that the puppy stays within the potty zone and does not wonder off to go potty away from the spot. Also, sit back and allow him to sniff around.  This may take a few moments so be patient until he goes to the bathroom.
  3. Once finished, praise your puppy and play with him before going inside. Let him know that he was a good boy and be enthusiastic.  Do not go directly inside once the dog has finished.

That’s it!  It’s very simple really.  Just repeat this process as many times during the day and night as you can.  And do not get lazy and let the puppy out by himself.  This will only lead to the dog having accidents inside the house because you are not spending enough time with him.

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